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The ETC Size B Pattern Holder for Source Four Ellipsoidals holds Size B 86 mm steel patterns or gobos by Rosco and other manufacturers It has a heat resistant tab to ease insertion It has a heat resistant tab to ease insertionB 503 1 Caisson Details 10/ B 504 LRFD MSE/GRS Wall Worksheets September These new worksheets will supersede all of

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FORM 500 A Revised Please print or type the name and address of the payor in the box below Report payments of $10 or more in this box see note Report payment of $750 or more in these five boxes see note RoyaltyTall Profile Ion Pumps 500T Ordering PN Description Element Style Conventional elements 100 Ti are for standard air and non noble gas loads Element Style Differential elements 50 Ti/50 Ta are stable for noble gas loads Element Style

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